What is English Mastery?

A transformative programme

Our English Mastery programme aims to transform Key Stage 3 English education in the UK by improving both the teaching and
learning experience through:

  • A well-sequenced and interlinked KS3 English curriculum.
  • A full suite of classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources.
  • Integrated training and professional development.

Being a confident and articulate English student involves a large number of complicated skills. We are convinced that the best way to create these sorts of learners is by introducing them systematically to the wonders of grammar, vocabulary and reading for pleasure, alongside the traditional literature teaching that we all know and love.

Our curriculum is therefore divided into strands covering Literary Heritage, Writing Mastery and Reading for Pleasure.

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Why are we doing a randomised controlled trial (RCT)?

The gold standard of education research, our RCT will robustly assess the efficacy of the programme.

Half of the participating schools will be randomly selected to introduce the English Mastery approach with their Year 7 and 8 students​ from September 2023. They will also receive our integrated programme of professional development to build teachers' confidence and subject expertise.

The other half of schools play a vital role as a control group. They will continue to teach KS3 English without the programme and will share crucial data with the independent researchers.

This approach allows the team of independent researchers from Sheffield Hallam University to truly assess the effect on outcomes delivered by English Mastery.

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The trial is win-win – here's why!

Treatment group

  • Receive access to the full suite of curriculum resources at a significantly subsidised cost of £900 per year – that's an 88% discount!
  • Get personalised PD training and coaching support designed to build your teachers' skills and confidence.
  • You will become part of the Ark Curriculum Plus community of English teachers, supporting each other to do the best for all their students.

Control group

  • Receive a payment of £1,250 for completing all of the testing and data requirements. It's data you already collect!
  • You will be able to benchmark your students nationally as your Year 8 students will take a standardised English test at the end of the research trial.