Frequently asked questions

What are the 50% of schools not using the the English Mastery programme using?

Control group schools will continue with their Key Stage 3 English curriculum as usual, and can make any changes they wish. For example, they are free to purchase from an alternative supplier, adopt their trust's curriculum, develop their own programme, or continue with their existing provision.

How are schools in each group selected and what unites them?

The independent evaluator, Sheffield Hallam University, will be splitting schools into Treatment and Control groups. They will use a range of factors to ensure that the demographics of the two groups are similar.

What is the research trial comparing the English Mastery programme to?

The trial will be comparing English Mastery to what schools do 'normally', which includes a diverse range of approaches.

What are the key timings?

Schools will be notified of the group to which they have been randomly assigned by summer half-term 2023. Intervention group schools will receive training from June 2023 and, in September 2023, teachers will start delivering the English Mastery curriculum to Year 7 students. For the full timeline download detailed trial information.

I’m a special school, can I take part in the research trial?

Unfortunately special schools are not eligible for this trial. However, we do partner with many special schools, so we would love to talk to you about joining the English Mastery programme. Book a call with our team. You can learn about other opportunities from the EEF.

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